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Award-winning rapper, actor, activist and author Common has returned to the small screen as a debonair doctor in Season 2 of Netflix’s comedy Never Have I Ever. If it’s true that laughter is the best medicine, he’s found the ultimate cure in his girlfriend of more than a year, comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish, 41. Here, the 49-year-old tells People all about how he’s feeling the love these days, both on-screen and off.

How has the past year been for you?

I’m just grateful for life. A lot of blessings have come from just me getting to know myself more and knowing God more. The things that [are] important to me, [I’m] really enjoying them and valuing them. I see the gifts that I’ve gotten from being still, and I see the gifts that we’ve gotten as people, caring for one another in deeper ways. I’m in a great space right now.

Had you binged Never Have I Ever before landing the role of dermatolog­ist Dr Chris Jackson?

I watched more TV last year than I had since I was a kid. My assistant told me about this show, then somebody else told me to check it out, too. It just so happened that [my girlfriend] Tiffany put it on, and I was like, “Oh man, I love this show. It’s brilliant to have John McEnroe narrating – who thought of that!?” It’s one of my favourite shows of this era in time, so to get a call and hear, “Hey, they’re potentiall­y looking at you for a role,” I was geeked. You went from hip-hop fame to acting and already have an Emmy, three Grammys and a Best Original Song Oscar. You’re just a Tony short of becoming the first rapper to score an EGOT?

I like that – keep speaking that. I want to do theatre, for sure. It’s in my plans. To me it’s about putting my heart and soul into the art and doing the best work. But do I want the awards? Yes.

You spoke to us in 2019 about looking for love; now you’re with Tiffany Haddish. How is that going?

One of the important things about relationsh­ips for me has been to really know and love myself more and be able to express the things that I want. I’ve evolved and gotten to that place. I communicat­e. I listen to what Tiffany has to say about how she feels and try to understand it instead of always having an answer. It’s about being in a relationsh­ip where you can grow, support each other’s purpose and vision, and have fun. People think I’m just so serious, but I like to have fun. With Tiffany, I’ve been able to experience that, and I’m grateful. And I’m not putting too much on [the relationsh­ip] or too little on it. I’m just being present. What’s something you really appreciate about Tiffany?

When she commits to something, she goes and gives it 110 per cent. I’m that type of person also.

And you’re a devoted activist. With all that’s going on in the world, what is touching you most?

The hope that I see in human beings and the power I see within us. I learned a lot about humanity this past year, watching hate come up to the surface but watching people dealing with it, working through it and coming together. So I’m hopeful.

“I’m in a great space right now” COMMON

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 ??  ?? NEW TO THE SCENE Common joins Season 2 of Never Have I Ever as the rival – and eventual love interest – of Dr Vishwakuma­r (Poorna Jagannatha­n).
NEW TO THE SCENE Common joins Season 2 of Never Have I Ever as the rival – and eventual love interest – of Dr Vishwakuma­r (Poorna Jagannatha­n).

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