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Stylist-turned-beauty guru is all about getting maximum bang for her buck




“In my bathroom cupboard I’ve got cleansers, exfoliator­s, mists, serums, moisturise­rs, SPFs, acids, AHAs, PHAs, retinols and peels. And I have every tool under the sun, anything you could imagine: LED masks, microcurre­nt tools, etc. I do my routine very quickly. I can just get up and get ready.” DAILY ROUTINE

“I’ll wake up, massage in a balm cleanser (I love Eve Lom; she did my facials for 10 years) and then I’ll do an AHA serum, a moisturise­r. Then I apply [Trinny London] BFF Eye and follow with my BFF De-Stress Serum, which I created because the biggest issue on our skin is stress. At night I layer a peptide serum over retinol. I don’t like putting oils or heavy moisturise­rs on my skin; I think they should be banned from every woman’s routine. The viscosity of the products I put on at night can’t be too heavy so things can go deep to work. For makeup, sheer shimmer is my go-to. If I was running around and had to look nice on camera, I would just put Sheer Shimmer in Maiko on my lip and my cheeks for glow and a bit of colour so I look alive. If I have more time, I’ll apply Lip2Cheek in Veebee, Sheer Shimmer in Dido, Golden Glow bronzer in Gaia and then Eye2Eye in Wisdom. I discovered my favourite fragrance at Bondi Wash in Sydney two years ago. Perfumer Samuel Gravan did this fragrance called Woody Fig. I became obsessed and then I emailed him directly a few weeks later and he said, ‘OK, I’m making some in a batch.’”

1 $179 Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask peppyco.com 2 $48 Trinny London BFF Serum Eye Concealer trinnylond­on.com 3 $169 Eve Lom Cleanser mecca.com.au 4 $75 Trinny London BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum trinnylond­on.com 5 $140 Samuel Gravan Woody Fig EDP (50ml) samuelgrav­an.com 6 $494 NuFace Trinity Facial mecca.com.au 7 $45 Trinny London Sheer Shimmer Lip to Cheek, $34 Eye2Eye Eye Shade, $45 Cheekbones Contour all at trinnylond­on.com 8 $36 Trinny London Flush Blush Blusher, $45 Trinny London Golden Glow bronzer in Gaia trinnylond­on.com 9 $71 Officine Universell­e Buly The Aspirant Rake Comb mecca.com.au 10 $8.75 (for 60) Lady Jayne Bobby Pins ladyjayne.com.au 11 $40 each

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer in Maiko and Dido, $45 Lip2Cheek in Veebee, $34 Eye2Eye in

Wisdom all at trinnylond­on.com

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