The celeb makeup artist and Bite Beauty ambassador shares her A-list beauty tips and tricks


What’s the best hack you’ve learned from one of your big name clients? Shay Mitchell taught me how to use hair gel and hairspray to lock in the eyebrows for a bushy brow that stays put all day. It’s stronger than a brow gel!

Can you spill the secrets behind Kim Kardashian’s iconic contoured look?

It really starts with how you prep the skin and layer makeup in a seamless way. Adding a smooth layer of base and a light layer of cream contour, [then] setting it with a powder contour really seals the deal for all-day wear.

What’s your favourite look you’ve done on Ariana Grande?

Definitely our Met Gala glam. It was all about fresh chiselled skin, a classic eye and a light nude lip. I remember using a bunch of creams [for] a beautiful glow.

To make sure the lip lasted all night, I filled in with liner first then layered with lipstick and gloss.

Why do you love working with Bite Beauty? I love that Bite’s ingredient­s are clean and packed with superfoods – it makes me feel like I’m investing in my skin. What really impresses me about Bite Beauty is the performanc­e and wear. Their textures, tones and formulas are extremely longwearin­g, packed with pigment and never let me down with my celebrity clientele. Their Upswing Mascara has become my red-carpet staple!

What’s your go-to beauty look?

You can never go wrong with a light bronzy base, a wing liner and a rosy lip. It makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Current favourite Bite product?

I love the Upswing Extreme Longwear Liquid Eyeliner.

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