STARRING: Osher Günsberg


As part of SBS’ Australia Uncovered documentar­y series, Osher Günsberg investigat­es our nation’s suicide crisis. He also bravely opens up about his own mental health battles in A Matter of Life and Death. It’s a very different lane for the host, who normally fronts more lightheart­ed fare including The Masked Singer and the upcoming Bacherlore­tte season. So why did he feel compelled to work on this program? “I’ve been very open about my own mental health issues over the years and I remain incredulou­s that the suicide rate remains so high in Australia,” he tells WHO. “I wanted to look into how innovative thinking, science and technology are helping to prevent it and what's being done to try and make a difference”

In the episode, Günsberg, 47, reveals that even as his career boomed, he battled suicidal thoughts. It’s a startling but important admission from one of our most loved TV stars. He also explains that it was only when he met his now-wife Audrey and her daughter Georgia in 2014 that he began to work as hard as he could on his own recovery and ongoing treatment. “They became my reason to stick around,” he says candidly. Günsberg is now also a proud dad to son Wolfie. “I’m so grateful that we can bring this film out now,” he says. “It’s so important to show there is hope and help available.”

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(Watch Osher Gunsberg: A Matter of Life and Death on Sun., Sep. 19, 8.30pm on SBS)

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