WHAT IS IT? Immersive cinema-style glasses.



“Cinema glasses are a concept that has been around for some time, but until now there have been a shortage of practical options. TCL’s Nxtwear G Smart Glasses may be a turning point for that, so of course I was keen to try them. The glasses work with any phone, tablet or laptop that supports USB Type-C with DisplayPor­t Alternate Mode. They don’t need charging – all you have to do is plug them in. The image mimics a 140-inch movie screen, and there are also inbuilt speakers for surround sound. Putting them on, I felt like I’d stepped into a sci-fi movie, but I enjoyed the immersive effect (a definite plus for meditation videos) and I was pleased that there was no eye fatigue. The two major downsides are the price as well as the fit, which might not work for everyone. However, given the potential uses (such as long haul flights when we can travel again), it’s not hard to imagine a time when we could all be wearing something similar.” Cost: $899 from harveynorm­an.com.au

Amber Bramble, Lifestyle Writer

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