With many of us spending more time in our homes than ever before, renovation and real estate shows have become our new guilty pleasure. So thankfully, despite some lming issues due to COVID-19, Love it or List it Australia is nally back with its fourth season.

“We go into people’s homes all around Australia, so the border closures really caused us some headaches,” the show’s design expert Neale Whitaker, 59, tells WHO.“We started lming in February 2020 and didn’t nish until March this year, but we got there! And to be honest, I think we’ve created the 10 best episodes of this show we’ve ever created.”

Did you manage to get to homeowners all around Oz?

Yes, we even got to Perth! How we managed that I don’t know. That’s a rst for the show.

Does Andrew (Winter, the show’s real estate guru) stand a chance in getting people to list their homes? Well, all I can say is watch this space. The interestin­g thing this season is that we were working in di erent times, but real playing Are also you estate not the genuinely eld. just market. drastic because It changes on was tenterhook­s of a COVID-19 di to erent the Yes, when it genuinely they’ll the or production and list the go. it” I have Andrew people don’t decision? to team know stress make and not which I this, both their to tell but way ask “love us we which When it knows moment, we way which the lm only way that people the the love producer couple are it or leaning. list will and We’re go. so in often Our the reactions we middle get it of are wrong. The real, Block Yes, very season, grateful too to … be so busy.

The 2020 Block and has 2021. been We so managed lucky in to complete the entire seasons with minimal disruption – it was extraordin­ary! It keeps me occupied once a week for the rst few months of the year. • By Melissa Field

(Watch Wed., 8.30pm on Foxtel and

On Demand)

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