The secret to a good bra is all in the fit!


Need a new bra and can’t make it in-store or prefer to ditch the dressing room entirely? We’ve got you covered (literally!), thanks to Simone Pérèle’s expert fitter and head of communicat­ions (Australia and New Zealand) Emilie Festaz’s tips on fitting yourself confidentl­y.


1. Go through your lingerie drawer, try things on and find the bra that you feel most comfortabl­e in, one that fits well and that you keep going back to.

2. Throw out or donate any bras that don’t fit the bill. Chances are you will never wear them, and they will always make you feel uncomforta­ble.

3. Try on your favourite bra in front of the mirror and take note of how it fits. There are three main points to look for:

Turn and look at the back band. If the bra fits properly, the band will sit in a straight line across your back. If it’s angled up this means that it’s too loose and all the weight will be directed onto your shoulders.

Face the mirror and look to your bust line. Make sure to properly place your breasts into the bra cup before checking this. The key is to really make sure that all the breast tissue is sitting in the wire and not sitting past it. You can correct this by leaning forward and directing the breast tissue into the cup with your hands. If there are any gaps at the top of the bra cup or any bulging, then the cup size is wrong.

Check the straps. You should be able to fit two fingers [with] tension between the strap and your shoulder.

If everything fits perfectly, take note of the size and use it to shop online. If your new purchase doesn’t fit, email the customer service team of the brand and talk to them about your bra, where it doesn’t fit and ask for their opinion on which size to shop next. If the company has a full refund return policy (which is surprising­ly common), opt for a couple of sizes to try on at home and send back the ones that don’t work.


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