Generally, a strapless bra should be very similar in sizing to your everyday bra. If you’re an A, B or C cup, try a sweetheart shape as it will sit closer to your breasts. If you’re a bigger cup size, something with less padding that sits higher up in the centre and on the sides will ensure more support. To get the right fit, try the bra on and jump up and down. You need to know whether it’s going to support you. Most women make the mistake of going too tight in the band, but this creates a lot of discomfort and pressure. The tip is to opt for a cup size bigger at the front and your normal band size.

 ?? ?? $119
Chantelle (cup sizes B-F) next.com.au
$119 Chantelle (cup sizes B-F) next.com.au
 ?? ?? $39
Marks & Spencer (cup sizes A-E) marksandsp­encer.com/au
$39 Marks & Spencer (cup sizes A-E) marksandsp­encer.com/au

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