Sparrow reveals the steps anyone can follow to become an intuitive eater

1 Focus on a serve of protein, greens and non-starchy vegetables and healthy fats in all of your meals. Anything you add on top of this is a bonus.

2 Sit down at a table for each meal. Eat slowly and consciousl­y, taking your time, enjoying each mouthful. Avoid TVs, phones, etc – this will distract you from knowing when you are full and how you are feeling while eating.

3 Ask yourself when you are craving something: am I sad, angry, tired or thirsty? Being aware of your emotional and hydration needs will help you decipher why you may be wanting foods that are less than ideal for your health.

4 Keep a diet diary. Track your digestion, energy and mood throughout the day with the foods you are eating.

5 Be kind to yourself. Eat with the intent to nourish your body, but know that one cheat meal wont ruin anything.

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