Find your way around your PC with our guide to File Ex­plorer

Your guide Rob Mead-Green says… “Dis­cover new ways to view, edit and ar­range files and fold­ers on your PC with these tips and tricks”

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What­ever you do in Win­dows 10, chances are you’re go­ing to use the File Ex­plorer at some point. It’s the graph­i­cal user in­ter­face (GUI) that en­ables you to find, edit, copy, delete and or­gan­ise your files. And in Win­dows 10, it car­ries a myr­iad of use­ful fea­tures that en­able you to do more with ease: from tak­ing a sneak peek at the con­tents of files without ac­tu­ally open­ing them; to chang­ing the de­fault file and folder views.

The quick­est way to ac­cess File Ex­plorer is to click the ded­i­cated short­cut in the Taskbar. You can also open it us­ing [Win] + [E]; by click­ing its op­tion in the Start menu (just above Set­tings); or by us­ing Win­dows 10’s vir­tual per­sonal as­sis­tant, Cor­tana. In this tu­to­rial we’re go­ing to ex­plain the tips, tricks and cus­tomi­sa­tion se­crets that can help you mas­ter File Ex­plorer. So, let’s get crack­ing, shall we?

Quick Ac­cess Click any item here to quickly jump to the rel­e­vant folder. Some items, such as the Doc­u­ments and Pic­tures fold­ers, are here by de­fault, but you can eas­ily add your own short­cuts. Main win­dow The files and fold­ers in the cur­rently se­lected...

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