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What apps can you eas­ily unin­stall? 1

When you first use Win­dows 10, you’ll see a num­ber of pre-in­stalled apps. Many of these can be re­moved quite eas­ily, while oth­ers are more com­pli­cated. The eas­ily-unin­stalled apps are: Get Started; Get Skype; Get Of­fice; Mi­crosoft Soli­taire Col­lec­tion; Money; News; Phone Com­pan­ion; Sports; Op­tional Fea­tures; Win­dows Me­dia Player; and Win­dows DVD Player.

Quickly unin­stall these apps 2

To re­move the apps listed in Step 1, all you need to do is find their en­tries in the Start menu, right-click their icon, and se­lect Unin­stall. A small mes­sage will ap­pear let­ting you know that the app, and any as­so­ci­ated data, will be re­moved from your PC. If you’re happy to pro­ceed, click Unin­stall once again. The se­lected app will then be deleted from your de­vice.

3 Other pre-in­stalled apps you can re­move

There are also a num­ber of pre-in­stalled apps in Win­dows 10 that can be re­moved as well, but the process is a lit­tle more com­pli­cated. This is be­cause these apps are more tightly in­te­grated into the op­er­at­ing sys­tem. The apps are: Cal­cu­la­tor; Cal­en­dar; Mail; Cam­era; Maps; Movies & TV; Peo­ple; Pho­tos; the Mi­crosoft Store app; and Weather.

5 Re­mov­ing an app

With the Pow­erShell win­dow open, you’ll now need to type in the fol­low­ing code to re­move apps: ‘Get-Ap­pxPack­age *app­name* | Re­move-Ap­pxPack­age’. Where we have writ­ten ‘app­name’ you’ll need to en­ter in the code for the app. For ex­am­ple, if you want to re­move the Cam­era app, you’d type ‘win­dows­cam­era’ in that bit be­tween the two as­ter­isks.

7 Use third-party soft­ware

If you’re not con­fi­dent about us­ing Win­dows Pow­ershell to re­move apps, try 10App­sMan­ager from www.thewin­dows­­sman­ager-win­dows-10. Click ‘Down­load File’, and when the ZIP file has down­loaded, open the folder and click the the EXE file. A win­dow will ap­pear and you can click the icon of the app you want to unin­stall.

4 Use Pow­erShell to re­move those apps

For the trick­ier-to-re­move apps, you’ll need to use the Win­dows Pow­erShell. This is a pow­er­ful tool that should only be used if you’re con­fi­dent. To open Pow­erShell, type ‘pow­ershell’ into the search box in the Taskbar. When ‘Win­dows Pow­erShell’ ap­pears, right-click it and se­lect ‘Run as ad­min­is­tra­tor’. A win­dow will ap­pear that looks sim­i­lar to the com­mand prompt.

6 Codes for other apps…

3D Builder (3dbuilder); Alarms and Clock (win­dowsalarms); Cal­en­dar and Mail (win­dows­com­mu­ni­ca­tion­sapps); Cal­cu­la­tor (win­dows­cal­cu­la­tor); Groove Mu­sic (zune­mu­sic); Maps (win­dowsmaps); Movies & TV (zunev­ideo); OneNote (onenote); Peo­ple (peo­ple); Pho­tos (pho­tos); Store (win­dows­store); Voice Recorder (soundrecorder); Xbox (xboxapp).

8 Re­in­stall apps

You now know how to get rid of un­wanted apps! If you change your mind and want to re­in­stall an app you’ve deleted, you can do this by open­ing the Mi­crosoft Store and search­ing for it. When you find the app, click it, then click Get. Of course, this as­sumes that you haven’t deleted the Mi­crosoft Store app! If you have, you’ll need to use a Re­store point to get it back.

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