Re­in­stall Win­dows 10 Com­puter prob­lems? Give your ma­chine a fresh start with these re­in­stal­la­tion tips

We re­veal the tips and tech­niques that will make your next Win­dows re­in­stall go as smoothly as pos­si­ble, with a lit­tle help from Nick Peers

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Tra­di­tion­ally, we’ve sug­gested you re­in­stall Win­dows once ev­ery cou­ple of years or so. It’s tempt­ing to leave things longer, but the fact is your PC ac­cu­mu­lates clut­ter that even the most zeal­ous clean­ing regime can’t keep on top of. And as time drags on, your in­stall starts to feel its age, with ma­jor up­dates like the re­cently re­leased Fall Cre­ators Up­date un­able to fix un­der­ly­ing prob­lems or in­ject fresh speed into your sys­tem.

There’s some­thing won­der­ful about boot­ing up a re­cently re­in­stalled PC – no more slug­gish per­for­mance, er­ratic be­hav­iour or clut­ter. But there’s often a down­side: you for­get those care­fully crafted pro­gram set­tings that need re-es­tab­lish­ing from scratch – with no mem­ory of how you did it. And what about your data? How can you en­sure that doesn’t get af­fected by the re­in­stall process?

This is where we come in. This fea­ture isn’t sim­ply about per­form­ing a desul­tory backup be­fore wip­ing your drive and start­ing again – in­stead, we’ll show you how to pre­serve ev­ery part of your old setup, so you can re­store it (without the clut­ter) af­ter you’ve re­in­stalled Win­dows. We’ll re­veal how to move data and other key files so they’re no longer af­fected by fu­ture re­in­stalls, and – of course – we’ll step you through the en­tire re­in­stall process it­self.

You’ll end up with a com­puter that’s as fresh as a daisy, plus you’ll learn a stream­lined method you can re­fer to the next time you come to re­in­stall Win­dows, trans­form­ing a process that tra­di­tion­ally takes a week­end into one you can per­form in just a few hours. Let’s get started…

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