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1 Re­veal the Rib­bon

You may not be able to see the Rib­bon when you first open a File Ex­plorer win­dow. If that’s the case, ei­ther click on the down ar­row on the right side of the win­dow, or press [Ctrl] + [F1]. You should now see four tabs: File, Home, Share and View. Se­lect View to re­veal the dif­fer­ent ways you can change how a File Ex­plorer win­dows con­tents are dis­played.

2 Change the view

Un­der View > Lay­out you’ll see a range of op­tions, in­clud­ing Large Icons, Small Icons, etc. Mouse over each one to see how it changes the way con­tents are dis­played. To make each change more per­ma­nent, click the op­tion you want to use. Now if you close the win­dow, then re­open it again, you will see the change you have made has stuck. You can change the view at any time.

3 Take a sneak peek

Head to View > Panes and click Pre­view Pane. You’ll now see a pre­view of the cur­rently se­lected file or files (use­ful for pic­tures and video) without hav­ing to open it in a com­pat­i­ble ap­pli­ca­tion. You can re­size the Pre­view Pane for a closer look by click­ing and drag­ging the grey bor­der to the left (the cur­sor will change to a dou­ble-ar­row). Dou­ble-click to open the file in the rel­e­vant app.

4 See more de­tails

If you want to know more about a file, go to View > Panes and se­lect the De­tails Pane. This re­veals fur­ther info, in­clud­ing EXIF data in any pho­tos. As you mouse over some of the de­tails you’ll see a grey out­line ap­pear around them. This means you can edit them. Dou­ble-click to change the cur­rent se­lec­tion. You can add ti­tles, tags, star rat­ings and other info right in File Ex­plorer.

5 Sort your stuff

By de­fault, File Ex­plorer dis­plays items in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der. To change this go to View > Cur­rent View and click Sort By to re­veal a drop-down menu. You can view items by name, date, tags or any one of seven other op­tions, as well as in as­cend­ing or de­scend­ing or­der – handy if you’re try­ing to find the lat­est ver­sion or are try­ing to save space by weed­ing out the largest ones.

6 Form a group

You can sort also files and fold­ers into groups. Again this is handy for iden­ti­fy­ing cer­tain kinds of file, such as any im­ages you have tagged. To do that, go to View > Cur­rent View > ‘Group by’ then choose from your op­tions. You’ll see the win­dow lay­out change to re­flect your se­lec­tion. If you se­lect by File Type, for ex­am­ple, you’ll see files are listed un­der File Type head­ings.

7 Cus­tomise your columns

An­other way to get at-a-glance info is to cus­tomise the columns File Ex­plorer shows. In Lay­out > ‘De­tails and Cur­rent View’ > ‘Group views’ you’ll see de­fault columns, but you can change these. Go to Cur­rent View > Add Columns and se­lect Choose Columns. A ‘Choose De­tails’ win­dow ap­pears. You can now choose the columns you want to see. Click ‘OK’ once done.

8 Share files and fold­ers

File Ex­plorer makes shar­ing easy. Go to Rib­bon > Share > Send > Share to up­load files to apps and ser­vices such as Mail and Face­book. Se­lect Send > Zip to com­press them, or use the op­tions in the next column to print, fax or burn them to disc. To share items on a lo­cal or pub­lic net­work, se­lect Share With > ‘Spe­cific peo­ple…’. Then choose your op­tions from the win­dow that opens.

9 Other File Ex­plorer op­tions

While you can se­lect mul­ti­ple files and fold­ers by click­ing and drag­ging or [Ctrl] + click­ing, there is an­other op­tion. Go to View > ‘Show/hide’ and se­lect and check the ‘Item check boxes’ op­tion. Ev­ery item will now have its own check box, mak­ing it easy to se­lect them quickly. This sec­tion also lets you to show or hide file ex­ten­sions and show or hide in­di­vid­ual files and fold­ers.

10 Cus­tomise Quick ac­cess

If you reg­u­larly ac­cess cer­tain items, Quick ac­cess can help. It en­ables you to pin them to its menu, which sits in File Ex­plorer’s side­bar. Se­lect the ‘Quick ac­cess’ menu it­self and you will see your favourites on top with re­cent files be­low. To add an item to ‘Quick ac­cess’, se­lect it, then go to Home > ‘Pin to Quick ac­cess’. To re­move it, right-click it and se­lect ‘Un­pin from Quick ac­cess’.

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