Make your PC even faster

No one likes a slow com­puter, but there are plenty of tricks to give even the old­est ma­chines a speed boost

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Un­for­tu­nately as our com­put­ers age, the slower they be­come. A ma­chine that used to spring into life and load up Win­dows in a flash may now chug along, tak­ing its sweet time to dis­play your desk­top, mak­ing you wait even longer be­fore you can ac­tu­ally use the de­vice. This can be par­tic­u­larly an­noy­ing, and is usu­ally caused by fill­ing up your com­puter with ever more de­mand­ing soft­ware.

The good news is that be­cause these prob­lems are usu­ally soft­ware-based, it means you don’t need to shell out for new hard­ware just yet. In­stead, by giv­ing your PC a spring clean and re­mov­ing any soft­ware you don’t need, and mak­ing sure Win­dows is up-to-date, virus free and with the lat­est driv­ers in­stalled, you’re able to give your ma­chine a no­tice­able speed boost without hav­ing to spend a penny!

In this guide we’ll take you through some of the best tips and tricks for speed­ing up a slow PC.

For a more com­pre­hen­sive speed boost a Win­dows re­in­stall may be needed. See page 55 to find out how to do ex­actly that.

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