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1 Which of these ver­sions of Win­dows 10 came first? A The Novem­ber Up­date B The An­niver­sary Up­date C The Cre­ators Up­date 2 And which of these ver­sions of Win­dows came last? A Win­dows ME B Win­dows XP C Win­dows Vista 3 Which edi­tion of Win­dows 10 is de­signed pri­mar­ily for schools? A Win­dows 10 N B Win­dows 10 S C Win­dows 10 Pro 4 Win­dows 10 is built on the struc­ture of which older OS? A MS-DOS B Win­dows NT C Win­dows 95 5 What an­i­mal was the search mas­cot in Win­dows 95? A Mon­key B Dog C Pa­per­clip 6 In which Mi­crosoft pack­age did that mas­cot orig­i­nate? A Mi­crosoft Word B Mi­crosoft Bob C Mi­crosoft Works 6B 5B 4B 3B 2C 1A An­swers

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