Back up yo ur arc hives

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When is a backup not a backup? When it’s the only copy of a file you have. Ar­chiv­ing data usu­ally means trans­fer­ring it to a new medium for long-term stor­age – an old ex­ter­nal hard drive or DVD or Blu-ray disc, for ex­am­ple. Make sure you re­mem­ber to back up your ar­chive, too – burn an­other disc and then store it some­where sep­a­rate to the orig­i­nal ar­chive to pro­tect against fire or theft. If you’re com­press­ing files to save space, make sure you keep a back-up copy of the file in its orig­i­nal for­mat, in case the ZIP ar­chive be­comes cor­rupt.

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