Step-by-step Edit a video in the Pho­tos app

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1 Im­port your files

There’s an Im­port but­ton at the top right of Pho­tos’ in­ter­face, which drops down to give you the op­tion of im­port­ing from a folder al­ready on your PC, or from a con­nected USB de­vice. The but­ton that ap­pears if you choose a folder isn’t Open or Im­port but ‘Add to Pic­tures’ – what you’re do­ing is link­ing the folder to Pho­tos so it knows it’s some­where your files might be.

2 Cre­ate a project

Open ‘Fold­ers’ and se­lect a folder con­tain­ing video clips you want to use. Then, from the Cre­ate menu, choose ‘Cus­tom video with mu­sic’. The app will au­to­mat­i­cally assem­ble a video for you if you choose that op­tion, but you’re bet­ter off do­ing it man­u­ally, since Pho­tos’ al­go­rithms don’t know what’s im­por­tant to you in a video clip. Give your cre­ation a name, which you can edit later.

3 Ar­range and trim clips

Pho­tos nor­mally puts your clips in chrono­log­i­cal or­der us­ing their time and date stamps, but you can also drag and drop clips into the or­der you want us­ing the Sto­ry­board along the bot­tom of the win­dow. When your clips are in the right or­der, trim un­wanted bits at the be­gin­ning and end us­ing the Trim but­ton. Click it, and your se­lected clip ap­pears, with blue mark­ers you can move.

4 Add a ti­tle

Ti­tles are easy to cre­ate. Se­lect the first clip in your sto­ry­board, and click the Text but­ton above it. This switches to a ded­i­cated win­dow, from where you can choose a po­si­tion and a text style to ac­com­pany your cho­sen video ti­tle. Use the Fil­ter but­ton to ad­just the colour bal­ance of your clip. There aren’t many ti­tle styles, but they can be ap­plied with a sin­gle click.

5 Add mo­tion

The next but­ton along is Mo­tion, which en­ables you to zoom into your clip and pan the view­point about as if it were a vir­tual cam­era. The ef­fect takes place across the en­tire length of the clip – there seems to be no way to af­fect its du­ra­tion, and it can be rel­a­tively sub­tle, but the sense of move­ment it im­parts is un­de­ni­able. There are 11 tilts, zooms and pans to choose from.

6 Add a theme

The Themes but­ton is at the top of the in­ter­face, next to the handy Undo and Redo but­tons. Se­lect­ing a theme changes ev­ery fil­ter, mu­sic clip and text style you’ve used in your video to one set by the theme, giv­ing your movie a con­sis­tent look and feel. You can change themes eas­ily, just by se­lect­ing them from the list on the right of the win­dow that pops up when you press the but­ton.

7 Add 3D ef­fects

Th­ese are a se­lec­tion of spe­cial ef­fects that in­sert var­i­ous items into your video, rang­ing from snowflakes to but­ter­flies, and are ac­cessed us­ing the 3D but­ton above the sto­ry­board. You can choose how much of a clip an ef­fect is vis­i­ble on by drag­ging the blue bar across its run­ning time. Ef­fects that come with sound can have their vol­ume mod­i­fied. 3D ef­fects can also be cus­tomised.

8 Add mu­sic

Pho­tos comes with built-in mu­sic clips to ac­com­pany your video. Find them by click­ing the Mu­sic but­ton at the top of the main win­dow (click the word ‘mu­sic’, not the speaker), then the Rec­om­mended tab. Th­ese tunes can be synced so their beat af­fects movie play­back, but there’s no way to con­trol how this is done. Click the ar­row next to each one to hear a pre­view.

9 Get more mu­sic

Se­lect the ‘Your mu­sic’ tab and you’ll be able to use mu­sic files on your PC. Pho­tos will find and flag up ev­ery mu­sic file on your PC, and some of th­ese will be pro­tected by copy­right. Since YouTube takes a dim view of copy­right in­frac­tion, and mutes videos in which it de­tects copy­righted mu­sic, get some Cre­ative Com­mons-li­censed tunes from www.ben­ in­stead.

10 Ex­port and share

Pho­tos of­fers three op­tions for ex­port­ing your video: Small, Medium or Large. If you’ve shot in HD, you might be dis­ap­pointed by Small or Medium, which re­size your video to 940x540 and 1,280x720 pix­els re­spec­tively. Large keeps the full 1,920x1,080 res­o­lu­tion, but takes longer to pro­duce with larger file­sizes. Your movie is saved to your PC, and can be shared on so­cial me­dia.

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