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Annoyingly, Win­dows 10 ships with­out DVD play­ing soft­ware as a stan­dard op­tion. How­ever, Mi­crosoft of­fers an app as a down­load from the Mi­crosoft Store – called Win­dows DVD Player – but it costs £12.49. The best bet for those who want to watch DVD s is VLC Me­dia Player, which is free to down­load and fully sup­ports Win­dows 10. VLC Me­dia Player also sup­ports a host of other file for­mats – even the weird ones – mak­ing it a very use­ful tool to have around.

Of course, many of us have moved on from DVDs to the wild world of me­dia stream­ing. Net­flix and Ama­zon Prime both work on Win­dows 10’s de­fault browser, Edge, but may need an up­date to Sil­verlight, an ap­pli­ca­tion frame­work that Mi­crosoft cre­ated and main­tains.

If you’ve up­graded from a Win­dows 7 PC you could well suf­fer from this is­sue, as the older ver­sion of Sil­verlight may have trav­elled across when you mi­grated. At any rate, if you’re en­coun­ter­ing stream­ing grem­lins, to fix the prob­lem and get back to binge-watch­ing Twin Peaks, go to the Mi­crosoft web­site where you can reinstall Sil­verlight – fol­low the in­struc­tions as de­tailed on the web page.

Then there’s mu­sic. Although Mi­crosoft still bun­dles Groove Mu­sic with Win­dows 10, the ser­vice has been dep­re­cated, with Mi­crosoft now rec­om­mend­ing mu­sic­stream­ing ser­vice Spo­tify in­stead. How­ever there are plenty of al­ter­na­tives out there, from Google Mu­sic to Deezer and Tidal, as well as Ap­ple Mu­sic with a stand­alone ver­sion of Ap­ple’s iTunes for Win­dows 10 now avail­able from the Mi­crosoft Store.

Browser-based stream­ing ser­vices – such as Google Mu­sic – are also sup­ported, of course. But, bear in mind, that they may not work well in Edge, be­cause Win­dows 10’s browser doesn’t stream mul­ti­me­dia when min­imised. At any rate, to set the de­fault mu­sic ser­vice (i.e. the one songs will au­to­mat­i­cally play with), head to Start > Set­tings > Sys­tem and se­lect the De­fault Apps tab in the col­umn on the left. You’ll see a Mu­sic Player sec­tion, which will present op­tions based on the play­ers you have in­stalled. Se­lect the one you want and click OK.

If you don’t want to sign up for a stream­ing ser­vice and just want to play your ex­ist­ing mu­sic col­lec­tion, then try Mu­sicBee (https://get­mu­ It’s easy to use, pow­er­ful, and free.

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