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If you haven’t found an an­swer to your prob­lem here, that doesn’t mean it’s com­pletely in­sur­mount­able. You can al­ways ask our friendly Sup­port team – just email your prob­lems to win­dows.helpline@fu­turenet.com – for help. And, of course, a sub­scrip­tion to Win­dows Help & Ad­vice is highly rec­om­mended, since we’ll give you guides to fixes and tweaks ev­ery is­sue. See page 20 for more de­tails. Once you’ve done that, check th­ese sources to find out more about your prob­lem.


Mi­crosoft’s fo­rums may not al­ways have the an­swer you’re look­ing for – some­times the re­sponse to your prob­lem may be ‘there’s noth­ing we can do’ – but since it’s staffed by ac­tual ex­perts and a huge num­ber of other users, it’s a great place to look.


Mi­crosoft’s fully cat­e­gorised break­down of com­mon is­sues with its soft­ware and prod­ucts isn’t so much an ad­mis­sion of de­feat, as it is a con­sis­tently up­dated and re­li­able ex­tra man­ual for your soft­ware – and it’s one you should turn to when­ever pos­si­ble.


If you’ve hit a spe­cific er­ror, this is the first place to turn. Try typ­ing in your symp­toms or the er­ror code pro­vided when your com­puter crashes; the re­sults will likely point you to fo­rums or blogs where peo­ple have come up with so­lu­tions.

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