Start us­ing on­line tools and get more work done

Em­brac­ing on­line tools isn’t dif­fi­cult – all you need is a slight change in phi­los­o­phy

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Th­ese days it’s hard to find a task you can’t com­plete on­line

You prob­a­bly have an email ac­count that works through the web. If you’re us­ing some­thing like Gmail or Out­look, you’ll know that you can get hold of your mail wher­ever you hap­pen to be. But are you re­ally tak­ing ad­van­tage of the ever-con­nected na­ture of on­line ser­vices? Take, for ex­am­ple, Google Drive, which can store your im­por­tant files safely in the cloud, and al­low you to view, edit, and share them through Google Docs; while it misses a few of the for­mat­ting fea­tures of desk­top soft­ware like Mi­crosoft Of­fice, there’s noth­ing fun­da­men­tal that it can’t do. Mi­crosoft of­fers its own on­line ser­vice, too – if you’re an Of­fice 365 sub­scriber, you can ac­cess a web-based ver­sion of its full Of­fice suite.

Edit­ing doc­u­ments and spread­sheets is fairly ba­sic. But th­ese days it’s hard to find a task you can’t com­plete on­line. If you want to edit photos, Pho­to­shop Ex­press (www.pho­to­ or Pixlr ( are ideal and free to ac­cess; for video, you could use YouTube’s built-in video edi­tor, or Movie Maker On­line (http:// moviemakeron­, an adsup­ported, fairly com­pre­hen­sive edit­ing pack­age. Twist­ed­wave’s au­dio edi­tor (https://twist­ed­ is great if you need to cut or tweak au­dio clips, there are nu­mer­ous file for­mat con­vert­ers on­line, and the list goes on; if you need to do it, you can find a ser­vice to help.

Some­times there is no real sub­sti­tute for be­ing in front of your own soft­ware on your own PC, though. Teamviewer (www.teamviewer. com/) is by far the eas­i­est way to set up re­mote con­trol of a dis­tant PC. In­stall the server app, note down the code and pass­word it gives you, and you can jump on to your desk­top from any other ma­chine. You can even run Teamviewer from a USB flash drive.

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