Nick Peers col­lates no less than 60 tips, tricks and short­cuts to help Win­dows per­form more ef­fi­ciently

Windows Help & Advice - - WINDOWS 10 TOP 60 TIMESAVING TIPS & TRICKS -

One of the big­gest bot­tle­necks hold­ing back any PC is the per­son sat right in front of it. In a per­fect world we’d all use our ma­chines as ef­fi­ciently as pos­si­ble, learn­ing best-prac­tice tech­niques from the get-go, while avoid­ing bad habits.

But, we’re hu­man, and the irony is that we make com­pro­mises in the short term to make things eas­ier only for them to have the op­po­site ef­fect in the longer term. But who wants to re­learn ev­ery­thing from scratch? In­stead, why not make one more com­pro­mise – one that will ac­tu­ally have ben­e­fits for you in the long as well as the short term?

That com­pro­mise is to work your way through the tips in this fea­ture – you’ll find 60 in the main copy, plus 40 ad­di­tional short­cuts – and dis­cover the tricks and tech­niques you need to suc­cess­fully re­duce the amount of time you spend car­ry­ing out spe­cific tasks on your PC.

You’ll find we’ve split things into four key sec­tions: nav­i­gat­ing the Win­dows desk­top; mas­ter­ing File Ex­plorer; delv­ing deep into your sys­tem; plus a col­lec­tion of other tips and tools.

By the time you’ve reached the end of the fea­ture, you will have hope­fully dis­cov­ered dozens of ways to speed up the way you use your PC – things that will free up your time so you can fo­cus on the stuff you re­ally bought your PC for – like stay­ing in touch, stream­ing me­dia or even re­search­ing your fam­ily tree. Let’s get started, shall we?

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