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There’s no fool­proof way to com­pletely stop your­self from re­ceiv­ing spam – if your email ad­dress falls into the hands of a spam­mer, all you can do is find ef­fec­tive ways of fil­ter­ing it out. Con­sider in­stalling a third­party tool such as Mail­washer (www.mail­ that you can use to screen your emails. Once in­stalled, take the time to ‘train’ the app so it recog­nises the kind of spam emails you re­ceive and then con­fig­ure it so it deletes them au­to­mat­i­cally be­fore they reach your in­box. You can also min­imise spam by switch­ing to plain text view by de­fault and never open­ing a spam mes­sage – it’ll al­most cer­tainly con­tain some form of track­ing de­vice to alert the spam­mer to the fact your ad­dress is ac­tive and in use. If you do open a mes­sage, don’t click any links – in­stead, sim­ply mark the mes­sage as spam so your email provider knows what to do with it in fu­ture.

Fi­nally, take the time to check your junk mail set­tings to fish out le­git­i­mate emails – if you recog­nise a mar­ket­ing email as gen­uine, take the time to un­sub­scribe rather than mark­ing it as spam.

Use Mail­washer to build up a list of trusted con­tacts as well as known spam­mers – it’ll help fil­ter un­wanted mail out of your mail­box.

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