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Be­fore you get started, it’s worth down­load­ing a free photo ed­i­tor so you can make sim­ple ad­just­ments to any pic­tures you want to add to your site (like crop­ping, ro­tat­ing and ad­just­ing colours). Adobe Pho­to­shop Ex­press is free from the Mi­crosoft Store ( and is easy to use, but if you do get stuck you can find a quick tu­to­rial here:


Visit and click ‘Start now’. You can log in us­ing your Face­book or Google ac­count, or cre­ate one specif­i­cally for Wix us­ing your email ad­dress. To make a new ac­count, click ‘Sign up’, en­ter your email ad­dress and cre­ate a pass­word. Once you’re logged in, se­lect the type of web­site you want to make. If you can’t see an op­tion that sounds right, se­lect Other.

Get started with ADI


You’ll now be asked whether you want to cre­ate your web­site us­ing the Wix ADI tool or de­sign it your­self. If you want to make a site as quickly as pos­si­ble, se­lect the first op­tion, then an­swer the ques­tions you’re asked as thor­oughly as you can. Don’t worry if some of the in­for­ma­tion (such as an ad­dress) isn’t rel­e­vant – you can skip any parts you need to.

Make your home­page


The Wix ADI will prompt you to choose a colour scheme, then pre­pare the ini­tial de­sign for your home­page based on the in­for­ma­tion you’ve pro­vided. Once it’s fin­ished, the ADI will present you with a list of steps to fol­low. Run through them, skip­ping any you don’t need. Once you reach the end, you’ll have a fin­ished cus­tom web­site. It re­ally is that easy!

Do it your­self


If you’d rather have full con­trol over how your web­site looks, se­lect ‘Cre­ate a web­site your­self with the Wix Ed­i­tor’ and pick one of the avail­able tem­plates – there are dozens ar­ranged into dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories. You can edit colours and pic­tures later, so just choose the one that’s clos­est to the look you want. Hover your mouse cur­sor over it and se­lect Edit.

Change images and text


Click on a page to change its de­sign or choose a dif­fer­ent back­ground. Wix comes with a se­lec­tion of images, but if you want to add your own im­age, then se­lect the ‘Up­load images’ but­ton. The process is the same if you want to change any other pic­tures on your site – just click them and fol­low the in­struc­tions. To edit the text on your web­site, just click it and be­gin typ­ing.

Up­date your blog


If your site in­cludes a blog, use the Blog Man­ager (the ‘B’ icon on the left) to add new posts and edit ex­ist­ing ones. The blog ed­i­tor works very much like a sim­pli­fied ver­sion of Mi­crosoft Word. Blog posts can in­clude text, pho­tos, videos and an­i­mated GIFs. When you’ve writ­ten a post, click Pub­lish and close the Blog Man­ager us­ing the ‘X’ in the top right to re­turn to your site.

Man­age page


You’ll now see your site’s home page. To see the rest, click the blue Pages but­ton at the top left. These will ap­pear as a menu when your site is pub­lished. You can drag and drop them to re­ar­range them, click the el­lip­sis (…) to delete any you don’t want, and insert more by click­ing ‘Add page’. The ‘Page tran­si­tions’ op­tion at the bot­tom of­fers a se­lec­tion of web page ef­fects.

Add gal­leries, shape and more


You’re not lim­ited to the text and im­age boxes placed on your site au­to­mat­i­cally, ei­ther. Click the ‘+’ icon on the left-hand side to see a huge list of el­e­ments you can add to each page, in­clud­ing text boxes, images, shapes, menus and much more. Se­lect the one you want and drag it straight onto the page. Guide­lines will ap­pear to help you align it with ev­ery­thing else.

Get pub­lished


Once you’re sat­is­fied with how your web­site looks – whether you used the ADI or made it your­self – click the blue Pub­lish but­ton at the top right. It’s that easy! Wix will show you the URL of your site and pro­vide a but­ton to click so you can see it for your­self. To edit your site or add new blog posts, just log in at and re­turn to the ed­i­tor.

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