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Move the Taskbar


By de­fault, the Taskbar ap­pears at the bot­tom of the screen – but it does not have to stay there. You can move it to the top of the screen, or even place it ver­ti­cally to the left or right. Right-click an empty sec­tion of the Taskbar and en­sure the ‘Lock the taskbar’ op­tion is not ticked. Us­ing the left mouse but­ton, you can then drag the Taskbar to your pre­ferred screen edge.

Hide the Taskbar


You can hide the Taskbar when you’re not us­ing it to max­imise the amount of avail­able screen space. Right-click an empty sec­tion of the Taskbar and se­lect ‘Taskbar set­tings’. En­able the set­ting la­belled ‘Au­to­mat­i­cally hide the taskbar in desk­top mode’ and you’ll see that it im­me­di­ately dis­ap­pears. Move your mouse to the bot­tom of the screen, and it’ll slide back into view.

Show and hide icons


To the right of the Taskbar you’ll see icons re­lat­ing to apps you’ve in­stalled and fea­tures of Win­dows – and you may not find them all use­ful. To hide those you don’t want to see all the time, go to Taskbar set­tings and click ‘Se­lect which icons ap­pear on the taskbar’. Click the ‘Al­ways show all…’ tog­gle to the Off po­si­tion and use the other tog­gles to choose the icons you do want to see.

Re­move un­wanted short­cuts


The Taskbar can house short­cuts to the pro­grams you use most, but you may find there are some that you just never use. Rather than wast­ing the space, get rid of any you don’t need. To do so, right-click a Taskbar short­cut and se­lect ‘Un­pin from taskbar’. This is use­ful if you’re work­ing with a smaller mon­i­tor, or want to make room for ad­di­tional icons and tool­bars.

Shrink Taskbar icons


If you have a small dis­play, run a lot of apps at once, or want to be able to fit more into the Taskbar, you can shrink the size of its icons. Right-click an empty sec­tion, se­lect ‘Taskbar set­tings’ and en­able ‘Use small taskbar but­tons’. You can also make the Taskbar larger – place your cur­sor on the upper bor­der of the Taskbar and drag up­wards with the left mouse but­ton.

Cor­tana and Task View


Both Cor­tana and Task View can be ac­cessed from the Taskbar, but you can choose whether to show or hide their icons. Right-click an empty sec­tion of the Taskbar and tog­gle the ‘Show Task View but­ton’ on or off as re­quired. In the Cor­tana sub-menu, se­lect ‘Show search box’ to dis­play the full search tool­bar, ‘Show Cor­tana icon’ to re­duce the as­sis­tant to a sin­gle icon, or Hid­den.

Add new short­cuts


There are prob­a­bly short­cuts to apps you’ ve in­stalled both in the Start menu and on the desk­top, but you can add your favourites to the Taskbar for eas­ier ac­cess. Click the Start but­ton and nav­i­gate through it un­til you lo­cate a short­cut to the app you want, right-click it and se­lect More, fol­lowed by ‘Pin to taskbar’. To ac­cess this op­tion for a run­ning app right-click its Taskbar icon.

Tweak colour and trans­parency


You change the look of the Taskbar by tweak­ing its colour and trans­parency. Right-click an empty area of the desk­top and se­lect Per­son­alise. In the Colours sec­tion, spec­ify an ac­cent colour that can be used to high­light the Taskbar, then tog­gle the ‘Trans­parency op­tions’ slider. Tick the ‘Start menu, taskbar and ac­tion cen­tre’ box to have the changes take ef­fect.

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