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Now we come to the crux of this whole ex­per­i­ment – the sin­gle stick of RAM. Yup, just one stick of mem­ory, in all its sin­gle-chan­nel glory, will be pow­er­ing this bud­get-bust­ing build. When it comes to in­stalling DDR4, there’s not a lot to it. Sim­ply lift the pin on the slot you want to in­stall the mem­ory into, match up the notch on the moth­er­board with the notch on the stick of RAM, then care­fully push the mem­ory into place, un­til it clicks down se­curely, and the latch tucks it­self into the notch on the stick of mem­ory. For a sin­gle stick, we rec­om­mend in­stalling it into slot A1 (this should ei­ther be writ­ten on the moth­er­board it­self, or spec­i­fied in your user man­ual) – how­ever, in this con­fig­u­ra­tion, it ac­tu­ally mat­ters very lit­tle where you in­stall it. If you’re hav­ing trou­ble with com­pat­i­bil­ity, you can in­stall your stick in any of the slots, and it should per­form just fine.

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