Find out how to turn any video into an an­i­mated GIF

Your guide Cat El­lis says… “In this tu­to­rial we’ll show you how to turn any video into a fun an­i­ma­tion you can share on­line”

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They say a pic­ture is worth a thou­sands words, but an an­i­mated GIF is worth a mil­lion. De­spite the rise of HTML5 video, these lit­tle an­i­ma­tions are still hugely pop­u­lar – partly be­cause of their rel­a­tively small file size, which is friendly to mo­bile de­vices on lim­ited data plans, and also be­cause the for­mat is so widely sup­ported.

Sites such as Gi­phy (https://gi­phy. com) are a great source of ready­made an­i­ma­tions, but some­times you can only ex­press your­self by creat­ing your own – and with the right tools, it’s sur­pris­ingly easy to do.

If you al­ready have a video file, skip straight to Step 5 to find out how to edit and con­vert it. Al­ter­na­tively, you can grab and con­vert a video from YouTube, as ex­plained in Step 1, or make a record­ing from your desk­top, as de­scribed in Step 3. This is a great way to make a GIF from a game or movie play­ing on your PC. Con­vert a video to GIF for­mat

Time­line Once you’ve ap­plied fil­ters to your video, drag it here to trim it to the right length. Crop Just one of many fil­ters avail­able in Shot­cut. Use it to cut out un­wanted parts of your video be­fore you ex­port it. Play­head The po­si­tion of the play­head dic­tates what’s vis­i­ble in the pre­view. You can also use it to select start and end points.

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