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De­spite all the in­no­va­tion on of­fer in the cur­rent mon­i­tor mar­ket, it’s no­table that there’s not sin­gle mon­i­tor that com­bines all of the best cur­rent fea­tures in a sin­gle screen. If you want a large for­mat, very high res­o­lu­tion screen with equally lofty re­fresh rates, you are out of luck. So what would be the mak­ings of our ideal mon­i­tor?

For starters, it would be even higher res­o­lu­tion than 4K. We think your com­puter should have lovely, crisp fonts, just like a smart­phone does. In a large for­mat dis­play, that re­quires at least 8K. We also like the 21:9 as­pect ra­tio. So, let’s make that a 34-inch dis­play, clock­ing in at 7,680x3,290 pix­els. Nice.

Then it will need to be at least 120Hz, and of­fer true HDR sup­port. The lat­ter could be en­abled via an LCD panel with high-res­o­lu­tion lo­cal dim­ming, but an OLED panel would be even bet­ter. Oh, and we would like to be able to run the whole thing via USB-C. As it hap­pens, the cur­rent Dis­playPort 1.4 in­ter­face would ac­tu­ally sup­port all of that, cour­tesy of dis­play stream com­pres­sion. So, our dream PC mon­i­tor isn’t com­pletely pie in the sky. It wouldn’t be cheap – but it would also be worth ev­ery sin­gle penny.

HDR with 512-zone lo­cal dim­ming at 200Hz? You bet!

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