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Back in the day, we called it a ‘codec pack’, an as­sort­ment of codecs bun­dled to­gether so you could play pretty much any video you could throw at Win­dows Me­dia Player. It was like the Wild West, with all man­ner of codec com­bos spring­ing up. Thank­fully, things have become a lit­tle more en­light­ened and pro­fes­sional. If you want a sim­ple an­swer to get­ting bet­ter video play­back, we sug­gest you get the K-Lite Codec Pack Stan­dard from http:// codecguide.com. It’s been around since 2003-ish, but re­cently un­der­went a modern dust­ing off. In­side the stan­dard K-Lite pack, you’ll find the cut­ting edge of open-source fil­ter tech­nolo­gies: LAV video fil­ter, LAV au­dio fil­ter, and LAV split­ter, along­side a num­ber of other fil­ters and tools. Th­ese first three han­dle all the var­i­ous re­quired fil­ters to de­code video and au­dio for­mats, plus the con­tainer for­mats that hold them. You’ll also get: Direc­tVobSub, the widely-used ex­ter­nal sub­ti­tle fil­ter; the Clas­sic Home Cin­ema player; and an ex­ter­nal ren­derer called MadVR . There’s a cou­ple of use­ful tools for re­set­ting set­tings and fil­ter as­so­ci­a­tions, too – just in case things get messed up. You can’t in­stall in­com­pat­i­ble codecs/fil­ters as such; Direc­tShow de­faults to what it thinks is the best fil­ter to use for the se­lected file type. What you can have are mul­ti­ple codecs/fil­ters in­stalled that sup­port the same for­mat, and so are con­flict­ing. For ex­am­ple, video-edit­ing soft­ware in­stalls its own codecs, but you might find th­ese packs can cause is­sues or bizarre be­hav­iour.

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