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This simple, seven-day plan will help you limit the sweet stuff and turn back the clock in no time


What do these threet gorgeous, eternally youthful stars have in common? Well, apart from their obvious mega-bucks Hollywood lifestyle, they also all swear by a sugar-free diet. And judging by their perfect skin, they may be onto something.

Over the last few years, sugar has become nutritiona­l public enemy number one. As well as all the harmful effects it has on the inside of your body – such as high blood pressure and an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke – it’s pretty unkindnd to your face, too.

In fact, some experts now believe eating too much sugar is one off the major causes of premature skin ageing – think wrinkles, dullness and sagging.

Why? When sugar enters your bloodstrea­m it attaches to proteins and forms harmful new cells that damage the collagen and elastin in your skin. The more you eat, the more cells are damaged. According to one British study, these effects start to show at about age 35 and increase after that. Try our simple meal plan and start cutting back on sugar from today.


1 Follow the set meals or mix and match to suit your tastes, and choose one or two snacks per day. 2 One of your snacks must be fruit, which you can save for lunchtime if you like. Try to pick fruits that are lower in sugars, even though they’re natural fruit sugars, to help curb your sweet cravings. Go for “orchard fruits” like apples, pears and berries, rather than sweeter tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango. Then choose another snack from the swaps list. 3 Some of our meals and snacks include “optional sweetness” suggestion­s. As your taste for sweet things decreases, you should leave these out to save calories and sugar and, if you’re watchingwa your weight, speed up weight loss, ttoo.

 ??  ?? Eva Mendes, 42. Halle Berry, 50. Kate Hudson, 37.
Eva Mendes, 42. Halle Berry, 50. Kate Hudson, 37.
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