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Posh & Becks new scandal

As David’s caught with another woman, furious Victoria walks away from their marriage – and she wants custody


Thirteen years after he managed to emerge from a cheating scandal with his public image intact, David Beckham’s squeaky-clean reputation is under threat again. But this time sources say his marriage is unlikely to survive.

The 41-year-old former soccer star – who’s worked hard to paint himself as a dedicated family man – is facing a barrage of criticism after a series of aggressive emails were allegedly leaked from his personal account, calling into question his real motivation for his ongoing humanitari­an work. Worse still, David’s marriage is also in turmoil after photos showing him partying in LA with British model Poppy Delevingne surfaced last week. For David’s wife of 18 years Victoria Beckham, these latest scandals are the final straw. Woman’s Day has learned that the 42-year-old fashion designer is vowing to punish her husband for humiliatin­g her again, with close friends claiming she’s days a away from walking out on D David for good. If she does, insiders say t the former Spice Girl will t take inspiratio­n from actress A Angelina Jolie and fight for fu full custody of the couple’s f four children – Brooklyn, 17, R Romeo, 14, Cruz, 11, and H Harper, five. The move would d devastate David, who is close to all his children, and who w worships his daughter. “Victoria is sick and tired of David,” an insider says. “S “She is seriously tempted to ju just pull the plug now and go in into damage limitation mode. If DavidD does try to contest cu custody of the children, she’s

‘He’s wrecking their marriage, ripping apart their family...’

got people who will leak his biggest secrets.”

The mother-of-four was horrified when she saw the photos of David boozing at a party with 30-year-old Poppy at Hollywood celeb hotspot The Friend. David and Poppy, who’s married to businessma­n James Cook, later left the bar together, both looking worse for wear.

“As far as Victoria is concerned, David’s totally oversteppe­d the mark – and she’s not prepared to tolerate it,” the source continues. “She’s turned a blind eye for the sake of their family and business interests in the past, but this time she feels David is treating her like a doormat.”

Victoria has worked hard to create her successful fashion empire, and is also said to be terrified her husband’s antics will destroy her own reputation and success.

“He’s wrecking their marriage, ripping apart their family and making her look like fool. And above all he’s in danger of destroying the Beckham brand. His shenanigan­s could cost them everything she’s worked so hard for.

“In the past, Posh and David would’ve stepped out together after a scandal to present a united front for the cameras. But that’s the absolute last thing on her mind right now.”

Given the lengths the couple have gone to in order to protect what is dubbed “Brand Beckham”, Victoria’s

fury is understand­able. And it’s not the first time she has been left questionin­g her husband’s dedication to their marriage – the pair’s union nearly came unstuck in 2004 amid allegation­s David had an affair with his glamorous assistant Rebecca Loos.

The couple weathered the storm – despite David being linked with several more women since – and they even revealed earlier this month that they’d renewed their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony at home.

But friends say Posh is done with second chances.

“She says she has to protect the image of her fashion empire, and if that means walking away from David, so be it,” our source says. “Besides, the kids are getting older and more independen­t.

“They all see what’s written about David on the internet – she even overheard Brooklyn talking about his dad and Poppy to a friend on the phone.

“Poor Posh has never felt so humiliated in her life.”

‘Poor Posh has never felt so humiliated in her life’

 ??  ?? Poppy and David were spotted in LA, looking like they’d had a big night.
Poppy and David were spotted in LA, looking like they’d had a big night.
 ??  ?? Posh is sick of David’s partying ways, and wants to protect her fashion empire. Posh thinks the kids will be better off living with her.
Posh is sick of David’s partying ways, and wants to protect her fashion empire. Posh thinks the kids will be better off living with her.

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