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He’s regarded as one of the most trusted faces on TV, and in his new series, Murder Uncovered, Michael Usher becomes a voice for victims searching for the truth behind some of our country’s most heinous crimes.

Featuring previously unseen interviews with the victims’ families and police, as well as unearthed crime scene footage, Seven’s series reveals the key informatio­n that brought some of our worst killers to justice. Each episode follows a different case and aims to blow open the most infamous crimes in Australian history, including those committed by killer couple David and Catherine Birnie in the 1980s.

“I’m sitting on more than 25 hours’ worth of interviews – it takes a lot of time, patience and commitment,” says Michael, who isn’t just the show’s presenter but also helps investigat­e the different cases. “It also takes a lot of trust to tell these stories. The families of the victims, the survivors, detectives, forensic experts, lawyers – they really have to trust you to help you retell these stories and dig deep.”

Despite only joining Seven in August, Michael says it was important for him to be hands-on.

“I’m lucky to have really good researcher­s and producers on the show, but I like to be collaborat­ive. I have made phone calls, met with sources, and had face-to-face conversati­ons to gain the trust of people who could help build the case,” says Michael.

“Legally, we have to be careful with what we’re doing while pushing for the truth, too,” he explains, before adding, “We believe we have evidence and the stories need to be heard.”

With the true-crime genre now becoming mainstream, 46-yearold Michael believes audiences are enthralled with knowing the truth.

“I’ve always been fascinated with crime,” he says. “I was one of those kids who read all the crime novels!”

GetG your true-crime fix on the commutec to work by downloadin­g theset engrossing podcasts.


I If conspiraci­es, corruption and p phone hacking scandals are your b bag, then this 10-part podcast has i it all. In 1987, private investigat­or D Daniel Morgan told friends he’d u uncovered evidence of corruption w within the London Police, which he p planned to share with the media. D Days later, he was murdered. Three d decades on, Daniel’s family are still d desperatel­y searching for answers. WhereW to listen: untoldmurd­er.com oro via Soundcloud


Th This heart-wrenching series looks a at the murders of Evelyn Greenup, C Colleen Walker-craig and Clinton S Speedy-duroux – three children a all killed within five months of one another and all living on the same street. Narrated by The Australian’s crime reporter Dan Box. Where to listen: soundcloud.com/ bowraville


Nineteen years after Queensland teenager Rachel Antonio went missing, her body still hasn’t been found. Journalist David Murray reveals new info with never-before-heard audio and video of the police questionin­g prime suspect Robert Hytch, who was acquitted of Rachel’s murder in a retrial. Where to listen: itunes, Soundcloud and Whooshkaa


In 2014, Serial retold the 1999 strangling murder of Baltimore high school student Hae Min Lee, whose body was found in a park. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was later charged with her murder, thanks to an anonymous caller. Narrator Sarah Koenig has been applauded for her retelling of the events, and the show is credited with forcing a retrial. Where to listen: serialpodc­ast.org

 ??  ?? In an upcoming episode, Roberta Williams opens up on the murder of her husband and convicted killer Carl Williams. Carl and Roberta married in 2001.
In an upcoming episode, Roberta Williams opens up on the murder of her husband and convicted killer Carl Williams. Carl and Roberta married in 2001.

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