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Married at First Sight Baby shock!

The goings-on off-set are even more shocking than what we’re seeing on TV!


Perth firefighte­r Andrew Jones is caught up in a crazy love triangle with two of his castmate’s brides amid wild rumours of a top secret pregnancy, a drug scandal and an explosive feud threatenin­g to derail Nine’s hit show Married at First Sight.

Andrew, 38, barely had time to get over being dumped by his first bride Lauren – who has privately alluded to a shocking secret that forced her to run away from the former school teacher – before he was back in the marriage game.

And he didn’t need to look far, with hair salon manager Cheryl,

25, practicall­y throwing her bouquet at him, just two days before Woman’s Day uncovered a truly shocking video of Cheryl snorting a white substance off her breast with a $50 note, which has left both of them reeling.

“I posted this video as a joke on my Instagram account several years ago. Looking back I now realise what an extremely naive thing it was to have done, and I seriously regret it,” she says in a statement to reassure fans.

Now, in yet another bizarre twist, it is understood Andrew has dumped Cheryl and is spending time with Michelle, 31, one of the blonde twins from Perth, who has already declared she loves him and will fight to protect him from the other brides.

If that wasn’t enough to confuse the millions of viewers, sources exclusivel­y revealed last week that the show’s producers are desperate to get to the bottom of a persistent rumour one of the brides has fallen pregnant.

“It’s just one of the rumours that won’t go away,” one network insider says.

“The situation with Andrew is tearing apart the whole show. You’d think Cheryl and Lauren, 33, would hate him after he dumped them both, but they’re still texting him and reaching out – and they’re also talking to each other behind his back.

“It has caused a lot of friction and now Michelle’s in the mix, too. Blind Freddie could have predicted it was never going to work out for Michelle and Jesse,

‘Cheryl and Lauren are both still texting Andrew – and each other’

but none of us knew Andrew had set his sights on Michelle.”

Ironically, Michelle and Andrew knew each other from playing on the same mixed netball team in Perth, and had a deep connection before either one ever applied to find their soulmate on Married at First Sight.

“That’s the crazy thing about this show,” says our source.

“He married one girl, hooked up with another one, yet the whole time his perfect match was right there in front of him! Everyone was talking about how comfortabl­e they were on the show, but they played it down. I wouldn’t be surprised if this time it was the real deal!”

Michelle hinted at her feelings for Andrew on the show last week, declaring, “I love Jonesy,” even though he’d just shocked them all by returning with Cheryl after runaway bride Lauren dumped him on their wedding night.

“When Andrew turned up at the dinner party with Cheryl, it was obvious Michelle was disappoint­ed,” our source says. “We all hope Andrew does find happiness with her because he’s struck out twice now.”

Michelle flew back from a Valentine’s “date” with Jesse in Adelaide the following day to Perth, where Andrew lives. Cheryl was also in Perth last week, but she definitely wasn’tn’t spending time with Andrew, ndrew, instead catching up withith another contestant.

It’s not known whetherher Cheryl – who has partiedied with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in LA – lost down-toearth Andrew’s heart because of her love of the high life, but she was last week seen n in Perth crying on the shoulder of fellow bridede Susan after once again n finding herself single.

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