Down­stream think­ing

Trans­form your day – and your health – with a new ap­proach to pos­i­tiv­ity

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Feel­ing fraz­zled? In­stead of bat­tling against every tiny chal­lenge and feel­ing like you’re swim­ming against the cur­rent, swim with it!

This new “down­stream think­ing” well­ness trend is about ac­tively choos­ing pos­i­tive thoughts over neg­a­tive ones. It can be a bit tricky to start with, but ex­perts reckon by tak­ing the path of least resistance and chan­nelling your en­ergy into more pos­i­tive re­sponses, you’ll nat­u­rally be­gin to ap­proach chal­lenges with a brighter out­look. The up­shot? You – and your stressed im­mune sys­tem – will feel so much calmer and health­ier! Fol­low these ex­am­ples to give it a go.

When you’re ex­pe­ri­enc­ing road rage…

UP­STREAM “Why is there al­ways so much traf­fic wheni’m in a hurry? Typ­i­cal – this al­ways hap­pens to me.” DOWN­STREAM “The traf­ficwill move soon and if I’m a few min­utes late, the world won’t end. Next time, I’ll leave 15 min­utes ear­lier.”

When deal­ing with other peo­ple…

UP­STREAM “She’s so rude! I can’t be­lieve she just spoke to me like that.” DOWN­STREAM “Other peo­ple’s thoughts and feel­ings are noneone of my busi­ness. I’ll just fo­cu­so­cus on my own re­sponses.”

When you’re feel­ing stressed at work…

UP­STREAM “There aren’t enough hours in the day to get ev­ery­thing done. Why am I still do­ing this job?” DOWN­STREAM “I have this re­spon­si­bil­ity as my col­leagues be­lieve in me. I’ll pri­ori­tise my time and ask for help when I need it.”

When you’re strug­gling to sleep…

UP­STREAM “I’m so stressed out, I can’t sleep. I’m go­ing to be ex­hausted to­mor­row.” DOWN­STREAM “My body knows how much sleepsp I need. Though I’m awake, I’m still rest­ing. Deepdee breath­ing will help me re­lax.”

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