2-MINUTE MASTERCLASS Home­made but­ter

Woman’s Day (Australia) - - Food To Love -

Pour 500ml pour­ing cream into a small food pro­ces­sor. Process 2-3 min­utes un­til it sep­a­rates into yel­low solids and a thin liq­uid (buttermilk). Drain mix­ture in a sieve, re­serv­ing buttermilk to use for mak­ing pan­cakes. Rinse but­ter solids in iced wa­ter to re­move any ex­cess buttermilk. Press solids firmly in the sieve to re­move any ex­cess rins­ing wa­ter. Press but­ter firmly into ramekin of choice. Cover and chill for up to 10 days. Serve spread on fresh bread with jam.



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