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Aus­tralia’s most trusted celebrity medium Mitchell Coombes re­sponds to your con­cerns

Woman’s Day (Australia) - - Contents - Write to Mitchell Coombes at Woman’s Day, GPO Box 5245, Sydney, NSW 2001, or email wom­ans­[email protected]­ Please keep ques­tions un­der 80 words. Sorry, no per­sonal replies.

Q My dream job is to be­come a spe­cial ef­fects makeup artist or a dog trainer/whis­perer and I was won­der­ing if I would have the chance to do that? Also, what does my love-life look like?

Won­der­ing I feel your in­ter­est in spe­cial ef­fects makeup is a good hobby, but work­ing with an­i­mals comes nat­u­rally to you and this is some­thing you need to con­sider pur­su­ing fur­ther on a pro­fes­sional level. You have a good path ahead and will al­ways do well in fi­nance and re­la­tion­ships. Once you have met The One, I feel that chil­dren will come into your life.

Q I lost my hus­band a lit­tle over three years ago and can’t get past it. I still cry every week. Will some­one cure what I am suf­fer­ing one day? Still Strug­gling

Your hus­band is a lovely man and comes through straight away. He is hold­ing a rose in his hand for you and tells me you are his soul­mate. He says that he wants you to know that you have some won­der­ful events com­ing into your life in the fu­ture. Your hus­band also tells me things will get much bet­ter within a year, and he has never left you. He loves you more than words can de­scribe.

Q My grand­mother passed away nearly six years ago. Lately, I’ve found my­self talk­ing to her in my mind and feel she is close. Is there a rea­son she is around? Are any other rel­a­tives around?

Lov­ing Grand­daugh­ter I feel the rea­son your beau­ti­ful grand­mother has been on your mind re­cently is be­cause she is check­ing up on you to make sure ev­ery­thing is OK. She tells me that she can

hear your thoughts when they are di­rected to her and she en­joys the “talks” you have with her. I also have a gen­tle­man from your fa­ther’s side of the fam­ily who I feel is around you from time to time. Up­stairs tells me that they hold a great deal of love for you. They are watch­ing over you. You are very pro­tected and a new chap­ter in your life is about to open up.

Q At 53, I found it dif­fi­cult to let go of an un­healthy re­la­tion­ship that had lasted years. I feel lonely even with friends. Months ago, I had an ex­pe­ri­ence where a pic­ture of a friend that I was an­gry with, who had passed on, sud­denly fell off the wall with a loud bang. It scared me. Was this a mes­sage? I feel mis­er­able where I’ve been liv­ing for the last year. Will I find peace?

Lonely Up­stairs tells me that you did the right thing let­ting go of your re­la­tion­ship, be­cause it wasn’t right for you. I can see an­other man com­ing into your life who is a cou­ple of years older than you. You will be a com­fort to each other. I feel your dearly de­parted friend did not mean to frighten you. Your friend was sim­ply try­ing to send you a heal­ing mes­sage to say sorry and to let you know you are be­ing watched over. The at­mos­phere phere in your street is caus­ing you to feel very un­set­tled. I feel you will move within a year to a bet­ter area and you’ll be happy liv­ing there.

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