With her daugh­ter start­ing IVF treat­ment and the prospect of a grand­child on the way, the Grease star couldn’t be hap­pier

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There wasn’t a dry eye in Olivia New­ton-john’s house when her daugh­ter Chloe Lat­tanzi broke the news to her mum she’s try­ing for a baby with her fi­ance James Driskill, and they’ve even started IVF treat­ments. “Olivia has been nag­ging her daugh­ter for years to give her a grand­child or two,”

tells a close friend of the fam­ily. “But Chloe has al­ways said she was too young and hav­ing too much fun to be tied down by kids, and she didn’t want a preg­nancy to mess up her body.”

How­ever, friends say Olivia’s dev­as­tat­ing cancer news in May – when the much-loved singer re­vealed she was bat­tling breast cancer again af­ter 25 years – was a wake-up call for Chloe, 31, who has com­pletely changed her at­ti­tude about start­ing a fam­ily.

“It dawned on her she might lose the per­son she re­lies on most, and who means more to her than any­one in the world. She wants to make her mum happy and give her the chance to en­joy hav­ing grand­chil­dren,” tells the source, adding Olivia is “thrilled” at the prospect of Chloe and mar­tial arts ex­pert James, 33, mak­ing her a grandma, and can’t wait to meet her new grand­child.

Now Chloe has fi­nally made the de­ci­sion she’s ready to have a baby, friends say the im­pul­sive daugh­ter of Olivia, 69, and Matt Lat­tanzi is get­ting frus­trated at how long the process is tak­ing.

“Chloe is nat­u­rally wor­ried her pre­vi­ous strug­gles with anorexia and ad­dic­tion might be hurt­ing her chances,” says a friend, de­spite the fact doc­tors have ad­vised there’s no rea­son why she couldn’t con­ceive.

“They’ve told her to be pa­tient, but Chloe, be­ing Chloe, can’t wait to be a mum,” says the friend. “She’s so de­ter­mined to have a baby, she’s been to see fer­til­ity doc­tors in Ore­gon and LA and started IVF treat­ments in the hope of speed­ing up the process. And, who knows, if it all goes well there’s a chance she’ll have twins.”

The hope­ful mum-to-be has even been telling friends and fam­ily she can’t wait to be preg­nant and have a big baby bump, de­spite her past strug­gles with body im­age.

“Chloe says she’s go­ing to pose nude and show her preg­nancy belly off in its full glory on so­cial me­dia,” laughs a close fam­ily friend. “She’s also talk­ing about get­ting mar­ried to James af­ter all th­ese years. But when they do tie the knot, she wants it to hap­pen just be­fore the baby is born,” reveals the fam­ily friend. “Then, she can march down the aisle in a big white wed­ding gown and proudly show off her belly.”

And while Chloe and Olivia haven’t al­ways had the eas­i­est re­la­tion­ship – and of­ten squab­ble like cat and dog – both hope a baby will bring them closer than ever. Chloe can’t wait to get her mum’s ad­vice on par­ent­ing and go baby clothes shop­ping to­gether.

On top of the baby news, Olivia re­vealed in Au­gust her cancer treat­ment is go­ing well. She’s “feel­ing good and en­joy­ing to­tal sup­port”.

And with the prospect of a tiny bun­dle of joy on the way, it looks like the fu­ture is full of ex­cit­ing ad­ven­tures for the iconic singer and her beloved fam­ily.

‘Chloe’s go­ing to show her preg­nancy belly off in its full glory’

Olivia poses with her new­born daugh­ter not long af­ter giv­ing birth. The duo have al­ways been tight-knit.

Chloe wants to be preg­nant when she ties the knot with James. Ready for par­en­tho od!

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