Af­ter an in­cred­i­ble weight-loss jour­ney, Syd­ney woman Ginny Weiss is over the moon to fi­nally be­come a mum

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‘It’s the most l won­derfu thing I’ve ever done’

Please,” Ginny Weiss thought as she held the preg­nancy test in her hand. “Let it be pos­i­tive.” Af­ter a long pause, she hes­i­tantly looked down and, to her amaze­ment, two lines ap­peared!

“I couldn’t be­lieve it,” the 38-year-old says, still in awe. “I was bawl­ing my eyes out, I was so ex­cited. I even planted a cam­era and woke An­drew up re­ally early to sur­pri­sei him and film his re­ac­tion. Of course, he was over the moon.”

Ginny and An­drew, 41, her hus­band of four years, had been plan­ning for a baby since they met 10 years ago. But Ginny’s weight was stand­ing in their way. For many years, the dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing con­trac­tor, who tipped the scales at a whop­ping 272kg, was told her chances of con­ceiv­ing were slim to none.

“Hear­ing that was heart­break­ing and the thought of not be­ing able to have a child was ab­so­lutely dev­as­tat­ing,” she says. “I was re­ally try­ing to come to terms with that pos­si­bil­ity and griev­ing it.”

But af­ter los­ing 50kg nat­u­rally by over­haul­ing her un­healthy diet, Ginny un­der­went gas­tric sleeve surgery to re­move twothirds of her stom­ach. Post­surgery, she dropped 118kg, and 18 months later she was fi­nally able to start try­ing for a baby.

“We were lit­er­ally count­ing down the days un­til we could start try­ing, we were that ex­cited,” she says. “In the back of our minds we knew it might not be a pos­si­bil­ity, so to be preg­nant just two months later was an ab­so­lute dream. I’ve wanted a child my en­tire life, so thishi was an ab­so­luteb l bless­ing.”bl i ”

They were thrilled when lit­tle Asher came into their lives on Septem­ber 3 this year, weigh­ing 3.1kg. For Ginny, the ar­rival of a healthy baby boy was even more emo­tional, given her preg­nancy was not smooth sail­ing.

“I strug­gled with sick­ness through­out my whole preg­nan­cyncy and I wasn’t able to stom­ach any pro­tein. That re­ally threw my diet out of whack,” she says. “Then n I started eat­ing carbs and I hadad ter­ri­ble crav­ings for sweets and peanut but­ter.”

Ginny gained 20kg dur­ing her preg­nancy but she’s now man­aged to kick the crav­ings and get back to good eat­ing pat­terns. Her big­gest mo­ti­va­tor is beau­ti­ful baby Asher. “I look at him in his pram and think, ‘I can’t sli­pli b backk i into my oldld habits and have him grow up in a house where the re­frig­er­a­tor is full of junk food,’” she says, as she plants a kiss on his cheek. “I need to be a good role model and be healthy, so he’ll want to be too.”

Ginny has lost 9kg since giv­ing birth, and she’s work­ing hard to get back to her pre-preg­nancy weight, walk­ing up to three hours a day with her lit­tle boy in tow.

“I don’t think I could do what I’m do­ing now if I was at my heav­i­est weight again. I’d still like to lose more weight, but I’m not in a hurry,” she says. “Our lit­tle fam­ily right now is what’s most im­por­tant to me.

“Be­ing a mum is ex­haust­ing but the most beau­ti­ful and won­der­ful thing I’ve ever done,” she adds. “Some­times I look at him and I just cry. I’m so grate­ful he’s here, thank­ful I have a hus­band who has loved me and sup­ported me through all sizes, and glad I have a life now that’s full of so many

more pos­si­bil­i­ties.”

‘I’ve wanted a child my en­tire life, so this was an ab­so­lute bless­ing’

Ginny was 272kg at her heav­i­est. She’s now 113kg and still shrink­ing! Ginny says Asher is her great­est mo­ti­va­tor to stay on a healthy path. Af­ter

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