I don’t think Nikita re­alised she was a dog!

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AMANDA SAYS Nikita tells me she passed over a month ago. She had lym­phoma cancer and knows noth­ing could have been done. Nikita says she has been with Natasha and her fam­ily since she was a puppy and was only five when she passed. Nikita talks about her Nanny, who is Natasha’s part­ner’s mum, and how much she adores her and her “daddy”, Natasha’s part­ner.

Nikita brings through Natasha’s grand­fa­ther Parnee, who brings through a cat called Oran, who was Natasha’s part­ner’s cat, and a dog, Skyla, who tells me she passed from lung prob­lems.

Nikita is so ex­cited to con­nect with Natasha and is jump­ing ev­ery­where like she al­ways did. Nikita al­ways loved car rides and got as many as she could. She knows Natasha is an­gry at her­self for not see­ing the ill­ness but it was un­de­tected for a long time and she saw no symp­toms un­til just be­fore the end. Nikita rolls over and shows me Natasha’s foot tick­ling her stom­ach – this was “tummy tickle time”. I don’t think Nikita re­alised she was a dog!

NATASHA SAYS I reached out to Amanda to get some clo­sure with the pass­ing of our beau­ti­ful fur baby – it hap­pened so quickly. I needed to know Nikita was OK and that we made the right de­ci­sion. I was blown away by how Amanda de­scribed her per­son­al­ity, and by hav­ing my other husky Skyla, who also passed, come through. Know­ing they found each other is a com­fort.

It’s lovely know­ing that my grandad, or Parnie to the great-grand­kids, was there for Nikita as we were wor­ried about her be­ing on her own. Our pain and grief has eased now we know there was noth­ing more we could have done, and that we made the right de­ci­sion. Know­ing she loved us and thanks us for a won­der­ful life will stay with us for­ever. It makes me smile that she still wants the “tickle-tum” and that she didn’t think she was a dog. She was our fur-baby daugh­ter. We miss her so much and we were so lucky to have had her in our life.

Nikita was ex­cited to con­nect with Natasha.

She loved her fam­ily.

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