Jasper knows how much he was loved

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AMANDA SAYS Jasper says he passed over about a week-and-a-half ago. A tu­mour in his cheek and jaw was un­de­tected un­til it was too late. He was only about nine. A grand­fa­ther fig­ure on a farm comes through and shows me he picked up Jasper when he passed.

Jasper thanks Krystie-lee for hav­ing him over the last two years. He isn’t the type of horse that loves peo­ple – I think Krystie-lee was the only hu­man he re­ally trusted.

Jasper shows me he was aban­doned dur­ing the later part of his life, and that he had two shoul­der in­juries that couldn’t re­cover prop­erly.

Jasper shows me he used to gen­tly nudge Krystie-lee to show her af­fec­tion. Jasper shows me a foal he is men­tor­ing and loved called Pi­cardi. He is proud that Pi­cardi will be a dres­sage horse.

KRYSTIE-LEE SAYS I reached out to Amanda af­ter hav­ing to put Jasper down af­ter he was di­ag­nosed with cancer. It was the hard­est de­ci­sion I’ve ever had to make – I was hav­ing a re­ally dif­fi­cult time ac­cept­ing it, con­stantly blam­ing my­self for what hap­pened.

The read­ing blew me away. I couldn’t be­lieve it when she said Jasper was liv­ing hap­pily on a farm with my grand­fa­ther Poppy, who I was ex­tremely close to.

She also men­tioned my spe­cial foal Pi­cardi, who idolised Jasper. Jasper wasn’t nor­mally a big fan of other geld­ings but he loved Pi­cardi.

Know­ing Jasper is safe, happy and knew that he was loved is more than I could ever ask for.

Krystie-lee was the only hu­man he re­ally trusted.

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