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The su­per­model mum gave

Woman’s Day the low­down on how she main­tains her glowing com­plex­ion.

WHITER EYES Fruits and veg­eta­bles that are high in vi­ta­min A or beta-carotene are a must for healthy eyes. I fill up my fridge with car­rots, peaches, pa­paya and man­goes. If I’ve got ir­ri­tated eyes, or they’re red and dry af­ter long-haul flights,, I use saline eye drops to re-hy­drate­hy­drate and soothe them.

GLOSSIER HAIR I use co­conut­conut oil in my cook­ing and also take a tea­spoon a day.y. Some­times I add it to my green tea.

STRONG NAILS I drink goat’s milk. It’s a goodd source of pro­tein, andd con­tains less sugar (lac­tose), 13 per cent more cal­cium, 25 per cent more vi­ta­min B6, 47 per cent more vi­ta­min A and 134 perr cent more potas­sium thann reg­u­lar cow’s milk.

DEWY SKIN I take Kora Or­gan­ics Noni Glow Sk­in­food Sup­ple­ment Pow­der. In ad­di­tion to sup­port­ing healthy, glowing skin, it re­stores my en­ergy and vi­tal­ity. It con­tains or­ganic noni ex­tract, acai, blueberry, man­gos­teen, pome­gran­ate, matcha green tea, rose­hip, chlorella and el­der­berry flower for daily well­ness.

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