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Carole’s reno

The renovation star has spent $13,000 on making herself over


Beauty isn’t just skin deep, but reality TV star Carole Bramston says $13,000 worth of treatments – including a facelift, eye and lip fillers and injections to reduce her double chin – have given her a new lease of life, and she couldn’t be happier.

After losing the grand final of House Rules with husband Russell in 2014, the amateur renovator from WA was in a bad place – she stood in front of her mirror and burst into tears.

“I watched myself cry,” says Carole, 56, who felt lost in the depths of despair after her brush with fame. “Then I said to myself, ‘Look at you – you’re a damn mess!’ It was the turning point.”

The mum-of-three had been unhappy with her tired-looking face for some time, so she decided to take a leaf from her own book and “get the renovators in”.

Carole turned to Perth’s MIRA Clinic for her face work. “I’d been told their treatments were non-invasive and there was no surgery involved,” she says.

Eye and lip fillers were first, then she followed up with a thread lift and fat dissolving injections to reduce her double chin.

“I started in December 2015 and I can honestly say there has been no pain, just discomfort, then seven to 10 days of bruising and swelling,” she says.

“There’s a difference between being vain and being wellmainta­ined. I don’t feel vain, but I do like to look after myself – and that includes what I wear and eat, and how much exercise and sleep I get,” adds Carole, saying she believes her youthful face is an inspiratio­n to all around her.

“I look better than I did on House Rules, albeit a bit chubbier because I was working like a dog back then,” she chuckles. “Russell says I look great for my age, too.

“The best thing is, I’ve had all these procedures and still look like my natural self – minus my old slobbery basset hound look!”

Admitting she’s “addicted to looking good”, the grandmothe­r-of-two says she finally feels happy with her appearance – and you can’t put a price on that.

“I’m now putting myself back in charge of me and I’m loving all of the ‘wow’ comments I get.”

 ??  ?? Carole has undergone a self-reno since starring on TV.
Carole has undergone a self-reno since starring on TV.
 ??  ?? She’s gone from “slobbery basset hound”… …to having a much younger, line-free face.
She’s gone from “slobbery basset hound”… …to having a much younger, line-free face.

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