My amaz­ing bikini body – AT 63!

Ththe bub­blybbbl TV start re­vealsl howh she dropped al­most 60kg two decades ago – and kept it off

Woman’s Day (Australia) - - Celebrity News - By Susie Elelman (New Hol­land, $29.99).

It was the firestorm of hate she re­ceived af­ter wear­ing a re­veal­ing dress to the 1995 Lo­gies that in­spired Susie Elelman to trans­form her life.

The back­lash af­ter dar­ing to wear the low-cut, fig­ure-hug­ging dress when she weighed more than 125kg was ex­tra­or­di­nary.

“It was crazy a dress could spark such con­tro­versy and abuse. I felt em­bar­rassed, hu­mil­i­ated and to­tally ashamed of my­self,” ad­mits Susie, with her usual dis­arm­ing can­dour.

“Peo­ple would wind down their car win­dows and hurl in­sults at me, and I was ver­bally as­saulted in the street. I topped an ar­ray of worst-dressed lists, and talk­back ra­dio call­ers said hor­ren­dous things. It was dev­as­tat­ing and it left me in tears.

“I’ve been in tele­vi­sion for 43 years and never been on the re­ceiv­ing end of any­thing so re­lent­lessly hurt­ful. But look­ing on the bright side, those in­sults be­came my wake-up call.”

Susie was then at her heav­i­est. She’d stopped weigh­ing her­self at 125kg af­ter a se­ries of blows, in­clud­ing the loss of her dad, Bill.

“My ro­man­tic life was a sham­bles, and for too many years I’d had an un­healthy re­la­tion­ship with food,” she says. “Choco­late, chips, cheese and Diet Coke were my best friends.”

Then came that aw­ful pub­lic fat-sham­ing. But rather than break­ing Susie, it in­spired her to take back con­trol of her life.

“I set my­self a goal,” she says. “I was de­ter­mined to trans­form my­self from flabby to fab. It took sev­eral years, but I went from a size 22 to a 14. I’m now a 12 and feel fit­ter and hap­pier than ever.”

‘I reckon I’ve lost more than Posh ever weighed’

Susie gave up al­co­hol and meat, be­came a ve­g­aquar­ian (a fisheat­ing veg­e­tar­ian) and adopted a low-carb, healthy-fat diet.

“The truth is, it’s hard work los­ing weight, and it’s even harder

work keep­ing it off – but it’s well worth the ef­fort,” she says.

“When I set out to drop the ki­los, I was so big I feared noth­ing would work. Most peo­ple give up, but I re­fused. That’s the se­cret… don’t give up. Take it slowly, and reg­u­lar ex­er­cise is cru­cial – it clears the mind and eases mood­i­ness and anx­i­ety. Power walk­ing be­came my se­cret weapon. Now I can’t live with­out my daily power walk.

“I no longer have scales. I threw them out years ago. Thanks to sim­ple, healthy eat­ing and reg­u­lar ex­er­cise, I’ve lost well in ex­cess of 55kg. I reckon I’ve lost more than Posh Spice ever weighed!”


With a body women half her age would envy, Susie ad­mits she still found the thought of do­ing a bikini shoot con­fronting.

“Put it this way, at 63 I never thought in a mil­lion years I’d be pos­ing in a bikini for Woman’s Day!” she says.

“It’s scary, it’s con­fronting, but it’s also lib­er­at­ing. I’m em­brac­ing the mo­ment be­cause I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Susie, who re­vealed her weight-loss se­crets in her 2005 book Half My Size, says she was in­spired to write the se­quel, Still Half My Size, be­cause so much has changed.

“We now know there are good fats, which ac­tu­ally help with weight man­age­ment,” she says. “And I’ve gone through menopause – and that was a chal­lenge when deal­ing with weight man­age­ment, which I ex­plain in my new book.

“For me, giv­ing up re­fined sugar has been a life­saver. If there’s one thing you should erad­i­cate from your diet, it’s re­fined sugar.”

Susie says pos­ing in a bikini was “lib­er­at­ing”.

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