Woman’s Day (Australia) - - Puzzles -

1 Jen­nifer Lawrence and Joel Edger­ton star in which new thriller? 2 Gurkha sol­diers in the Bri­tish Army come from which coun­try? 3 Which fruit is usu­ally found in a tarte tatin? 4 In the pop­u­lar Nin­tendo games, what is the name of Mario’s brother? 5 On which Caribbean is­land was Ri­hanna born? 6 Which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment is named af­ter com­poser John Philip Sousa? 7 Which two chem­i­cal el­e­ments com­bine to form wa­ter? 8 Which gen­eral was the pres­i­dent of Spain from 1939 to 1973? 9 Bell’s palsy af­fects the mus­cles in which part of the body? 10 Sher­iff Rosco P Coltrane was a char­ac­ter in which 1980s TV se­ries?

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