The an­i­mal Whis­perer

Chewy’s sen­si­tive skin ex­plained

Woman’s Day (Australia) - - Psyschics - AMANDA DE WAR­REN

AMANDA SAYS Chewy tells me she is only four and has been suf­fer­ing from a ter­ri­ble skin rash since she was six months old and it is driv­ing her crazy. I went through ev­ery­thing and felt some sort of chem­i­cal used on the floor that is harm­ful to her. Chewy loves all the nat­u­ral foods that Judi gives her as it helps a lot. Chewy is not tol­er­ant of any chem­i­cals and I sug­gest a num­ber of things that I feel would help. Chewy tells me she is the only dog and that she lives with three cats. Two of them she gets on with but the other one, called Sox, she is not keen on. Chewy is only a small dog but has a huge per­son­al­ity. JUDI SAYS Both my vet and I couldn’t quite pin­point what was caus­ing Chewy’s spo­radic rash break­outs, which were rather hideous and nasty look­ing. Want­ing to bring this whole rash saga to a close, my hope was that Amanda could iden­tify the cause and help us find its an­ti­dote. I was so wowed when Amanda worked out the rash’s cause. The chem­i­cal heavy clean­ing prod­ucts I was us­ing on my floor re­ally were the is­sue. Now I’m very happy to say that Chewy’s rash is his­tory.

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