Woman’s Day (Australia) - - Puzzles -

1 Reese Wither­spoon, Chris Pine and Oprah Win­frey star in which new Dis­ney fan­tasy movie?

2 What type of food do you place on a char­cu­terie board?

3 AFLX is a shorter form of which sport?

4 Stand By Me is a clas­sic song by which soul singer?

5 Which bear has a sci­en­tific name that means “mar­itime bear”?

6 The Peu­geot car com­pany has a logo that fea­tures which an­i­mal?

7 What is the most northerly US state?

8 In which US city is the med­i­cal drama

Grey’s Anatomy set?

9 In the comic strip Peanuts, what is the name of Snoopy’s bird friend?

10 Which Aussie model played the char­ac­ter of Ja­nine Le­croix on Friends?

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