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Find all the films as­so­ci­ated with Liam in the grid. Words may read back­wards or for­wards, ver­ti­cally, hor­i­zon­tally or di­ag­o­nally. Some let­ters are used more than once. When you’ve found all the listed names, the 20 un­used let­ters, read­ing left to right and top to bot­tom, will spell out two films in which he played the tit­u­lar role. (3,3:7,7).

Bat­man Be­gins Bat­tle­ship Be­fore And Af­ter Chloe Clash Of The

Ti­tans Dark­man En­tourage Ex­cal­ibur King­dom Of

Heaven Kin­sey Leap Of Faith Les Mis­er­ables Love Ac­tu­ally Nell Ruby Cairo Schindler’s List Seraphim Falls Shining Through Si­lence Taken The A-team The Com­muter The Dead Pool The Haunt­ing Un­known

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