Your lucky – & not-so lucky – Power­ball num­bers!

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Power­ball num­bers are drawn from two sep­a­rate bar­rels – with seven win­ning num­bers, from 1 to 35, drawn from the main bar­rel and the sin­gle Power­ball num­ber, be­tween 1 and 20, drawn from a sep­a­rate bar­rel.

In the past eight months, the luck­i­est num­ber from the main bar­rel is 35, hav­ing been drawn 13 times.

The un­luck­i­est or least picked num­bers are 11 and 12 and the two luck­i­est num­bers from the Power­ball bar­rel are 3 and 19.

And if you’re try­ing to beat the odds, then avoid num­bers 1, 2, 4 and 18 for your all-im­por­tant Power­ball num­ber – they have only been drawn once in the past eight months. Good luck!

$590.5 mil­lion GLO­RIA MCKEN­ZIE As the sole win­ner, she beat the odds of one in 175 mil­lion! JOHN & LISA ROBIN­SON The first thing the cou­ple did was pay off their daugh­ter’s stu­dent loan debt. $528.8 mil­lion each MAU­REEN SMITH & DAVID KALTSCHMIDT The pair plan on work­ing with char­i­ties. $343.34343.8 8 ROBERT BAI­LEY He has played the same six num­bers for the past 25 years.

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