The for­mer Big­gest Loser host is caus­ing a rum­ble in the jun­gle!

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Ajay Rochester is back! Hav­ing spent the last nine years in the US, the for­mer Big­gest Loser host has swapped the bright lights of LA for the South African jun­gle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

“I needed to start over,” Ajay says about why she re­lo­cated to Hol­ly­wood in 2010 with her now19-year-old autis­tic son Kai.

Af­ter avoid­ing a crim­i­nal con­vic­tion in­volv­ing Cen­tre­link fraud, feud­ing with for­mer TBL co-star Michelle Bridges and strug­gling with weight gain, Ajay says she hit rock bot­tom. “When I first came here [to LA] I was a mess,” she tells Woman’s Day.

Ajay, 49, hopes to raise money for her cho­sen char­ity, 4 ASD Kids, for chil­dren with autism spec­trum dis­or­der.

Hi Ajay! It’s been a while. What are you up to these days? I’m work­ing out of LA, cast­ing and pro­duc­ing shows. I’ve found my favourite pro­fes­sion! Sounds like fun. Given you’ve stepped be­hind the scenes, what made you sign up for I’m A Celeb and a re­turn to the spot­light? Hon­estly I have dreamed about do­ing this show be­fore it even came to Aus­tralia… It’s a real pinch me mo­ment. I’ve been a fan since it started in the UK. I’ve watched ev­ery episode of ev­ery sea­son in Eng­land and Aus­tralia. How do you think Aussies will re­act to see­ing you back on their TVS? I imag­ine peo­ple will be like, “Is she still alive?! She didn’t die of a heart attack yet?!” Maybe the younger peo­ple will be like “Who the heck is she?!” I hope peo­ple are happy, though. Hope­fully peo­ple who do know me and my work are happy to see me. For those who don’t, hope­fully they’ll be open to get­ting to know me. Who will you miss the most dur­ing your time in the jun­gle? My dog! Asperger’s kids are not typ­i­cally af­fec­tion­ate… I can count the hugs I’ve had from Kai on one hand. So I get all my hugs and cud­dles from my dog. I’ll also miss my phone and wine. Who is the one celebrity you’d hate to see in the jun­gle? Michelle Bridges! If she walked in I’d get a fork and stab my­self. I’d pre­fer Satan. Have you spo­ken at all since your fall­ing out back in 2007? Not a word! I guess I wel­come an op­por­tu­nity where we could have an adult con­ver­sa­tion… But I refuse to base my self­worth on whether or not she hates me. I’d hon­estly rather lie in a pit of snakes than be locked in a cof­fin with her. ‘I’d rather lie in a pit of snakes than be locked in a cof­fin with her’ Where are you at with your health jour­ney? It’s been a big part of your life… I’m fail­ing mis­er­ably right now, I’m so fat! A year-and-a-half ago I broke my foot and tore a lig­a­ment in my knee. I wish it was a re­ally great party story, but there was an earth­quake and I slipped down a stair­case twice in two weeks, so I haven’t been able to go to the gym. It’s so bad I’m ashamed, but I’m go­ing to use this jun­gle diet for my bet­ter­ment. Beans and rice will surely be a great place to start… I’ve never pub­licly ad­mit­ted this to any­one, but when I walked the Great Wall of China with Olivia New­ton-john in 2008, I drank the wa­ter in the hope of get­ting a tape­worm. I ac­tu­ally brought home a bot­tle of tap wa­ter, so I could keep los­ing weight. It didn’t work. All I wanted was a tape­worm. Ripped off!

Are you open to find­ing love in the jun­gle?

In a hot sec­ond! I haven’t ac­tu­ally had sex or been in a re­la­tion­ship for 10 years, it’s so bad. I don’t know what to do any more. It’s go­ing to be like I’m 18 years old again. I’ve be­come a born-again vir­gin. What’s the big­gest mis­con­cep­tion peo­ple have about you? That I’m a b**ch! I’m just not the per­son I’ve been painted in Aus­tralia. And it re­ally breaks my heart be­cause Aus­tralia is my home. I just want to come home and be wel­comed home. What’s one thing that would make you say “I’m a celebrity... get me out of here”? I’m not go­ing to leave un­less they drag me out by the an­kles or I have a crown on my head. I’m not say­ing I’m go­ing to win… it’s usu­ally a foot­baller or Aus­tralia’s sweet­heart who wins… so I’m very re­al­is­tic about that. But I will never say “I’m a celebrity… get me out of here!” Even if I have to choke on a spi­der’s butt!

Ajay can’t wait to get started in the jun­gle!

These two haven’t spo­ken since their fall­ing out.

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