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at odds over Lucia’s future

Nic has big plans for her niece, but Antonia’s seeing red


It’s testing times for close-knit sisters Nicole and Antonia Kidman as they’re believed to be clashing over big sister Nic’s recent push to make her niece Lucia Hawley a star.

The 20-year-old stunning Sydneyside­r has accompanie­d her famous aunt to several A-list events in recent weeks, while Antonia resides in Singapore.

“Antonia’s watching all this from afar with a sinking feeling because she’s seen youngsters catapult to fame before and she fears it’s all too much too soon,” explains a Kidman family friend. “She supports Lucia’s dreams, and it’s great Nic’s helping, but she doesn’t want Lucia to rush into anything. She’s still young and there’s plenty of time.”

Insiders tell Woman’s Day a aspiring actress Lucia – who m made her debut in the spotlight a at the ARIAS in November – w wants to break into movies. And N Nicole is only too happy to help.

“Nicole sees a lot of promise in Lucia. She’s gorgeous, smart, and has a good head on her shoulders, so she’s more than happy to take Lucia under her wing,” adds our source.

But for mum-of-six Antonia, who has helped Lucia through her dad Angus Hawley’s shock death in 2015, plus her grandpa Antony’s sudden passing from a heart attack the year before, alarm bells are sounding.

“Antonia saw first-hand how Hollywood was nearly the end of Nicole when she started out,” says our source. “At 23 she was dabbling in Scientolog­y and married to Tom Cruise. Antonia’s not against Lucia following in Nic’s footsteps, but it’s more a case of not now rather than not ever.

“That said, she doesn’t have a lot of say when her daughter has stars in her eyes after spending a few weeks with Nicole in Sydney.

“Antonia hopes they’re listening to her concerns – especially Nicole, who’s been through it all herself.”

 ??  ?? Lucia was Nic’s date at the ARIAS.
Lucia was Nic’s date at the ARIAS.
 ??  ?? Nicole at 16 on the promo trail for BMX Bandits. A young star!
Nicole at 16 on the promo trail for BMX Bandits. A young star!
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