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Reece Hignell: ‘I lost 35kg and I’m still eating cake!’


Profession­al baker Reece Hignell opens up about losing weight, love and his new lease on life.

You’re looking super fit and healthy! What inspired your recent transforma­tion?

The biggest inspiratio­n for my transforma­tion was my experience on Masterchef.

I was unhappy that I had put on weight whilst filming, but it wasn’t until I saw myself on TV did I realise how unhealthy I had become. It was a slow process with a lot of discovery, but all worth it in the end. I am incredibly proud of my 35kg weight loss.

How do you look back on your time on season 10?

I feel a lot of gratitude – that Reece was insecure, he was someone who was not comfortabl­e. Today, I am a very different person. I am incredibly comfortabl­e, not just in my appearance, but my personalit­y, too.

A lot of people talk about how hard it is to find the motivation to get fit and overhaul their food habits. How do you remain motivated?

When I read things about losing weight such as good health and fitness being a lifestyle choice and not a diet, I couldn’t help but find it corny.

I now realise what I put into my body is a lifestyle decision. If I am not on top of my health and fitness,

I am more prone to health complicati­ons down the track.

You’re a cake maker by trade. Does that get in the way of remaining healthy?

Oh, 100 per cent – cake is literally my favourite food! Working in food all day I am faced with constant temptation­s. The best way for me to manage this was to reflect on what I eat and transition to a fully plant-based diet.

You and your partner Dene Whitfield have been together for a while now. Is an engagement on the cards soon?

Well, I would like to say an engagement is on the cards however I still haven’t been asked! I am waiting, Dene!

How did he react to the news you were heading back to


Dene was super-excited for me to return – maybe even more excited than I was!

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 ??  ?? The baker says he’s a totally different person.
The baker says he’s a totally different person.

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